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My most cooperative model

Self 4/24/07

This sketch is done in the journal I use most now which is a reloaded Moleskine. I used Martha’s instructions from the Trumpetvine Travels site and even sought out the same paper she used in hers (Fabriano Artistico 90 lb watercolor paper), but mine is the 8×5 size. I believe she uses smaller sketchbooks.

I found some material similar to what’s on the Moleskine covers so, next time, I’ll make my own cover and save myself the expense of sacrificing a real Moleskine notebook. I’ve also been noting on Roz Stendahl’s blog the kinds of papers she likes and have been trying to get up the courage to spend the money on some Twinrocker watercolor paper of the Simon’s Green color. Maybe my next journal will contain Twinrocker paper.

6 thoughts on “My most cooperative model”

  1. Well, hello, again, Bill. This time my dysfunctional computer downloaded your whole blog- yay. I love that portrait. The volcano picture was stunning– especially what you did with the sky and clouds/smoke.


  2. Thanks for visiting and for your encouraging remarks, Annie and Martha.

    Annie, the volcano was shrouded in clouds most of the time I was there. Just as we were leaving the clouds cleared enough to see the peak.

    Martha, welcome, I’m a regular visitor to your blog and look forward to your posts.


  3. What a great blog you have – I love your loose drawing and watercolor style, and this self portrait is excellent. Love your travel drawings (I hesitate to say sketches because they are so detailed) as well. Thanks, I’ve had a wonderful visit and will bookmark so I don’t forget to come back.


  4. hello , i’m go to visite your blog and appliciate to picture .

    i wish you have a powerful for your create this . >>> i’m thai nice to meet you ^^


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