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Netty Pot and Geranium

I’ve been trying to do some little still life oil paintings to improve my painting chops. I’m a very slow painter and it’s going to be a while before I’m able to do a passable painting in a day, no matter how small. This is a sketch I did of my current still life setup.

Netty Pot and Geranium


It always strikes me how hard it is to make a simple little painting that looks fresh and not labored. It’s very frustrating until it starts to come together and then it’s equally exhilarating. But at the completion of a successful painting, I’m always nervous about starting the next one.

I’m sure that doing a painting every day would go a long way toward making me more confident in my ability to produce reliably convincng work but my problem has always been discipline.

2 thoughts on “Netty Pot and Geranium”

  1. Hi Bill! I have been thinking of starting a blog so I was surfing around and found yours. I really like your drawing. I have a degree in studio arts and haven’t done much with it. I have the opposite problem. I am lazy and impatient so I paint really quick. Now… sometimes it works and I have a few winners but often they look slaphappy. anyway now I’m doing folk art and collage and well, we’ll see. Is that a self portrait of you? you must be somewhere east of me because it’s still the 9th here. bye for now. cathy


  2. Hi Cathy,

    Thanks for your note.
    I laughed when I read you haven’t done much with your studio arts degree, there isn’t really much you CAN do with a studio arts degree is there? ; )
    I didn’t check the timestamp on my last post. I’m in Portland, Oregon and it’s still the ninth here also.

    The painting is a self portrait. It’s small, about 6 inches high, and it took me a week to paint. Of course the amount of time I’m actually applying paint is much much less.

    Thanks again for visiting,



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