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14th World Wide Sketchcrawl NW 21st and York

I only spent a little time sketchcrawling this time.

NW Industrial landscape - 14th sketchcrawl

Some may say that I don’t portray the most picturesque views of Portland but there’s something I find very attractive about industrial sites. They’re raw and show the use to which they’ve been put. You find very few straight lines or perfect verticals or horizontals. They are skewed, bent, scraped and bruised.

This site is close to an area that has been gentrifying very quickly and I suspect it will see some dramatic changes in the near future.

See the results of other Sketchcrawlers around the world at the Sketchcrawl forum.

12 thoughts on “14th World Wide Sketchcrawl NW 21st and York”

  1. Thanks for your comments everyone. Don’t let my sketches stop you from visiting Portland. It’s a fun and beautiful city. Of course I’m sure you all know of places like this near your towns too.


  2. oh I agree 🙂 – often the run down characterful places are much more interesting to sketch/paint 🙂

    I did a series on allotments where all sorts of recycled junk and home made sheds and oil drums and stuff made it great fascinating


  3. Nice sketch!
    I love the area around St John’s Bridge, both sides of the river (but the west side right next to the river is awesome).


  4. Mongoose1,

    Thanks but that’s the Fremont Bridge in the background. I have yet to work my way up to the St John’s bridge. That’s a beauty, but my favorite as of now is the Burlington Northern RR Bridge. Do you know that one? I believe it’s the next one closer to downtown from the St John’s.


  5. Not sure, we always pass the St john’s area from the west side, there is what looks like an old railroad station there that I love. I grew up in Western Pennsylvania and Portland really reminds me of Pittsburgh with the bridges and rivers.

    Where is the Burlington Northern RR Bridge? Is it near that industrial area around the airport?

    I don’t know my way around Portland well I am usually only in town twice a year.


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