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Cigar Box

Thanks to everyone who visited and left such encouraging comments. I’ve been away and lost my momentum on my painting practice. I started this sketch before I left and really don’t care for it so it will remain unfinished.

Cigar Box

When I started theses sketches my intention was to avoid a lot of concern about what to paint and just paint but I’ve noticed that I’m thinking too much and getting too careful and this painting looks dead as a result.

Tomorrow morning I’m going with a friend for a painting day out to get restarted. Hopefully that will help shake me loose. Then the following weekend I’m doing a plein air workshop. Wish me luck!

4 thoughts on “Cigar Box”

  1. I like it as it is, not purely because it has appealing qualities but because, as a sketch, it served a purpose…It taught you something about yourself and your journey – Priceless!
    Good luck both tomorrow and on your plein air workshop…Have fun!


  2. It doesn’t look dead on my monitor – but I’m really looking forward to what comes out of the plein air workshop.


  3. I love the earth colours you seem to have used here in this one, from Naples yellow, Terre verte, ochre, umber or did I misread your palette? Nice fresh painting! G


  4. As I recall, the most of the greens were painted with yellow ochre, pthalo blue and white. The rest of the palette was aliz crimson, burnt sienna, utlramarine blue and cad red for the faucet handle.


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