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Burlington Northern RR Bridge plein air

I went back to a favorite spot of mine to try a plein air version of something I’ve painted before from a photo. The earlier painting can be seen here .

BNRR Bridge plei air

6″ x 8″ oil on canvas

I think this is the most successful plein air painting I’ve done so far. I feel like the brushwork is a bit more confident than my previous work. The colors are still unsophisticated and there’s not much of a sense of space but it’s better than I’ve done in the past.

Every time I visit this spot a family of black tail deer appear at some point during my visit. I look forward to seeing them since they’re smaller and more delicate than the more prevalent Mule Deer. This time I almost witnessed their demise as they jumped out in front of a car right at the end of the road in the painting.

Here they are from a previous visit:

Black Tail Deer family

I also saw a man, I assume is living in the brush here, arrive by bicycle and head into the overgrowth. I felt a little like an intruder in his space.

I was hoping to paint the power pole with the brambles at the bottom of it again, as I did on my earlier visit, but I was disappointed to find that they had been sprayed with herbicide.

8 thoughts on “Burlington Northern RR Bridge plein air”

  1. Bill, I discovered your website while checking our Qiang Huang’s daily painting blog. Your work as well as your writting about it is very refreshing. I have added you to my favorites. Thank you for sharing.


  2. I like the brilliant colors in this one and the feeling of spaciousness. There’s just a hint of foreboding too–the clouds maybe being a portent of some of the scary stuff going on that day, with the guy living in the woods, the deer crossing the road and painting amidst herbicide!


  3. This is again a beautiful painting Bill! I also like your colors and like Jana says, there is definitely atmosphere in this painting1
    and a quick thank you for the birthday wishes, I really appreciate it!


  4. Wanda, thanks for your visit and comment. I’ve enjoyed your blog as well.

    Jana, I like your comment. I think sometimes things come thru in our paintings that we didn’t even know we were thinking. In any event it’s nice that this little sketch made those suggestions to you.

    Ronell, Thanks for your supportive comments. I really enjoy reading your blog and have been inspired by some of your recipes as well.


  5. The deer are beautiful and you got such a great shot of them! Have you ever thought of “cheating” and inserting a deer or two in one of your paintings? It might provide that focal point you’re looking for. My husband, who likes to do marine watercolors, “cheats” all the time by adding seabirds, etc.


  6. 1st Mate, thanks for visiting and for your suggestion. Deer in a composition is a great idea for some time after I’ve mastered pears. They also don’t hold still as well as pears. : )


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