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Pear and Japanese Anemone

Here’s the second pear painting.

Pear and Japanese Amemone

6″ x 8″ oil on canvas

On the plus side, I like that I’m keeping the brushwork loose.

On the negative side, I’m afraid I overdid the highlight on this one and I’m not getting the illusion of roundness that I’d like. Actually, I think the low light on the bottom left of the larger pear acts to flatten it out instead of making it seem round.

4 thoughts on “Pear and Japanese Anemone”

  1. Some nice colors in this one Bill.

    I think the highlight is fine. The shadow area is bothering me a little just seems a bit dark?

    Happy painting!



  2. Thanks for your kind comment, swee. This is not really that small. There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of “Daily Painters’ who work this size. If you think this is good, see the links in my blogroll. You’ll see I’m a rank amateur.


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