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Pear in the Darkness

Another pear.

Pear in the Dark

Yes, it really is that dark, although a little more blue than it ‘s showing on my monitor.

6″ x 8″ oil on canvas

Every time I finish a painting I think that the next one will be faster and easier and, of course, better than the one before. But I’m repeatedly humbled.

I wonder if this setup was influenced by the Rembrandt show I just saw (or perhaps it’s a reflection of discouragement with my progress). I thought this would be pretty easy, you know, there are not that many values here. It didn’t come out as I envisioned it, though.

I tried a trick I learned from Ed Terpening’s blog to see the values better. I photographed the setup and then the painting and, using Photoshop, compared the two photos on my computer monitor viewing them in grey scale so that I could see the values without the distraction of color (not that there’s much color here). I was able to tell that I needed to lighten the highlight a bit.

BTW – It was really hard, for my little autofocus camera to focus on this dark image. I had to fool it by setting the focus on a lighter painting first and then pulling the lighter one out of the way before the timer went off on the shutter.

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