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Back to Pears

Red Pears

6″ x 6″ oil on canvas

My little blog has enjoyed a modest but steady increase in visits since I started sharing my endeavor but I was shocked to see that my number of hits went from a high of 98 for a day to 2,275 today. A little sleuthing revealed that this was because my post about the method I use to photograph my paintings was noticed by The Strobist from whom I learned the trick. The Strobist was nice enough to post an article about my use of his idea (which I actually stole from Carol Marine) and linked back to me. Apparently The Strobist has a much larger audience than I and I really appreciate his sharing them with me.

My wife pointed out that he even referred to me, in his article, by my last name – “Sharp then uses the digital files of his oil painting…” as in ‘VanGogh’s lunacy was unparalleled’ or ‘Picasso’s sexual appetite was … er … unparalleled’. Anyway it kind of made me feel like I was famous.
I was further shocked to see that my little blog is, as of today, listed as the number one fastest growing blog on Short lived as that glory may be, I’m celebrating tonight.

Thanks to all who’ve visited and commented. And thanks to The Strobist.

13 thoughts on “Back to Pears”

  1. If you’re not famous, you should be! You are one of my favorite online artists. This si just gorgeous – it glows. (Have I said that before? I’m always in such awe when I visit your blog that I start to babble!) I will now go check out your method of photograhing paintings – I could definitely use a tutorial on that.


  2. Congratulations! 2275 that would be something like a month of page views for me 😀 A photographer friend recommended the strobist to be me but I hadnt been until I read your post. he’s one of those who visited your blog from the post on strobist. and the pears look superb.


  3. Hi Bill,
    Nice work. I like the variety of subject matter you’re tackling. Makes me want to paint still lifes when I see your pear paintings and flower paintings. I like the feeling of the colored pen sketches too.
    I particularly like the painting of the buildings in your backyard. Nice loose paint and bold application.

    Keep the paint flowing!!



  4. van Gogh, indeed… Nice stuff, but if you really want to drive up your prices now you’ll have to wig out and lop off your left ear. Stick it on YouTube and you’ll get good pageviews for at least a week!

    -David H


  5. I don’t think it counts as stealing if someone is sharing it intentionally or giving it away. These pears are so atmospheric and interesting…beyond pears! Congrats on the jump in visits.


  6. Maybe you could ignore David’s suggestion, and calmly keep your ear attached. *laughs*

    Congrats in the jump in viewers! I stumbled on your blog through an EDM members blogroll, and have really enjoyed surfing your art. These pears are amazing. Take care 🙂



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