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Mt St Helens revisited

Mt St Helen’s gouache

5″ x 8″ Pen, watercolor and gouache

I reworked this sketch of Mt St Helens with gouache as an experiment. In oil painting, I miss being able to make the kinds of marks I make with a pen so I’ve been playing a bit with gouache to see if I can use it like oil paint while still preserving my ability to make lines.

I like the result although I think the colors are a little heavy. I wish I could be this loose while doing plein air oils.

The mountain has been erupting for some time now and steam clouds were being emitted from the crater all day.

1 thought on “Mt St Helens revisited”

  1. The colors don’t look heavy to me at all – the impression I get is light and airy – very successful. I didn’t know gouache could work this well. Now I want to try it.


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