I’ve been tagged by my friend Sue. I’ve been tagged before and I don’t think I know 7 others to tag who haven’t already been tagged multiple times so I’ll just list seven things people don’t know about me. Here are 7 unusual jobs I’ve had.

1. tuning a waterfall – As a landscaper I once had the job of tuning a waterfall – moving rocks around in a stream to make different sounds as the water flowed around them.

2. drawbridge tender – For a couple of summers, while in college I was the drawbridge operator for 2 small railroad drawbridges near Philadelphia PA

3. pull wire for computer cash register – another summer job was to travel around the country wiring department stores for computer cash registers when they were first being introduced (I’m dating myself with that one, eh?) They would lock us in the stores over night and let us out in the morning.

4. artist assistant – I worked for one of my art instructors, helping to construct complex canvases for his work

5. apprentice handmade papermaker – after college I apprenticed with Douglass Morse Howell (the father of modern hand made paper)

6. apprentice machinist – I dropped out of college after my freshman year and started an apprenticeship as a machinist. I finished my first year but it was a primary factor in my going back to college.

7. door to door window salesman – This was when I was trying to make a living as a painter an my wife became pregnant with our first child. I made exactly 0 sales.

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