3 thoughts on “Haystack Rock”

  1. Nice job, Bill. I like this better than the last one. Maybe I’m biased, ’cause oil is my favorite medium; its sumptuousness gives more of a feeling that the object’s really there. I know more of what it feels like to be at that beach, now, than I did with the watercolor (gouache? colored ink?) version. As for the surf, I think maybe a few carefully placed highlights where the waves are breaking, and you’ll have it.


  2. Thanks for the comment and advice. I prefer oil too but I think goauche in the hands of someone who knows what they’re doing with it could be just as convincing. Check out the work of Nathan Fowkes (on my blogroll under Plein aire painters).


  3. Bill…

    I am newcomer to WordPress. Just logged on with some posts a couple of days ago. I see you too painted Haystack Rock. I have painted with the Gorge group sponsored by Caswell Gallery some two years ago. They have since disbanded the event. Are you living around the Portland/ Vancouver area. We have an Oil Painters Guild that meets monthly in Vancouver.
    You check us out at http://www.oilpaintersguild.com. if you are in the area, pay us a visit. if you like, give me a tap and I will put you on our bulk mailing list for events.

    I have a web with a number of gorge landscapes therein. you can check out my web at http://www.jimgola.com

    Jim Gola


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