6 thoughts on “Osa on Mandala”

  1. Wonderful – interesting to see that you’re as accomplished in watercolor (ok, gouache) as in oil. I love the way you’ve captured his expression, and your loose approach to this.


  2. Thanks Casey. I’ve found that gouache is a nice substitute for oil because I’m able to build the painting up a bit, like an oil, but I seem to be able to stay loose. I tend to tighten up when painting in oils.


  3. Ronell, thanks for commenting on the new format. It was your change that inspired me to experiment with it.

    Osa is a really sweet dog and quite happy and affectionate when everything is calm and it’s just the family in the house. She is very nervous when people visit and taking her out is almost traumatic. The worst thing is that she doesn’t get along with other dogs, so walking her is really no fun. We tried taking her to a ‘doggie daycare’ (very common here in the States now. Not sure if you have them in France) but she was expelled because she got into a couple of scuffles. Fortunately, we have an acre of land that we can run her on and she’s quite content as long as we keep her home.


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