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I haven’t posted anything in a while but I have been working. I’ve been painting portraits but haven’t produced anything I like yet. I wanted to do a series of portraits of friends and family and, naturally started with family since they were handy.

I wonder if anyone uses live models for portraits these days. Having someone else in the studio while I paint is very distracting for me and I always worry about the model and feel like I need to entertain them and make sure they’re comfortable.

It seems like maybe starting with people I’m attached to, especially my wife and daughters, was not such a good idea because I’m too invested in a likeness and a painting that they won’t hate.

This is a sketchbook page of some studies.

Portrait sketches

5″ x 8″ watercolor, ink and gouache

3 thoughts on “Portraits”

  1. Hi Bill . . .Just got your email in which you said you were “trying.” Give me a break! You have some great work here! I love the energy in your pieces. I sure wish I could be as good at what you do as you are!

    Don’t doubt your work . . .just do MORE of it!

    BTW, your name in the comments links to a profile, but doesn’t have a site listed. You may want to change that to encourage more visitors to your site. Come by the blog again. I know I’ll be stopping in here from time to time.



  2. Thanks Mike. I appreciate it.

    Since I don’t have a Blogger blog, I can’t put my blog link in my Blogger profile. (Say that 5 times fast). If you click on “My Webpage” it brings you here. I’ve also now put the URL into the “About Me” part of the profile. Thanks for mentioning it.


  3. I know you know that i like the portraits you do but felt I had to say it again 😀 I want to paint more “loosely” but finding that an uphill struggle coz i’m usually choosing subjects I know.

    you could choose the nickname option for blogger blog comments and key your url in below your comment in the text box. most posts allow for a bit of html and so it can look friendly too.


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