Sketching Travel Sketching

My blog was recently mentioned in an article on Specifically my Costa Rica Travel sketches were featured. page

I’d like to thank Helen South for mentioning me and all the visitors who have stopped by to view my work. I hope you saw something you liked and, if you sketch and blog, please leave me a note so I can visit yours.

9 thoughts on “ Travel Sketching”

  1. Hey – wonderful news. The travel sketches look really good – and doesn’t it feel good to be recognized? Your work deserves a lot more attention!


  2. Hi Bill, thanks so much for returning the link. I really enjoyed your work and wanted to share it with my readers. I always learn a lot by looking at other artists’ work and thinking about how they do things – how they use line and colour, and how they approach various subjects. I particularly liked the freshness and immediacy of your aketches – I have a tendency to overwork things, so that is something I strive for.


  3. Hi Helen and thanks again to you. I’m glad you liked the sketches. I didn’t see a link to any of your work on the site. Is your work on the web anywhere?



  4. No, there’s quite a bit of my drawing done for tutorials on the site, but not much of my own artwork. I’ve got a website – – that I’ve paid for – for about a year – without any content on it at all.

    I finally uploaded wordpress to it last week, so hopefully I’ll actually get some content onto it, um, soon… maybe after Christmas! I’ve been going through my portfolios and photographing some pieces for it, so that’s a start!


  5. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for your comment, although I think you must have meant it for another post. I enjoyed your blog and website.


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