10 thoughts on “Dock at Newport”

  1. lovely – and that boat is so ‘right’ – you’ve simplified it beautifully and the shape and the way it sits in the water is perfect 🙂


  2. This is really wonderful – I just love the way you’ve handled the reflections in the water. I love the way you’ve understated the line as well. I always think of you as an oil painter, but here you show yourself to be an accomplished watercolorist.


  3. Bill, your paintings are beautiful! I love the drawing element in them, it’s a pleasure to see a work that gives the viewer a glimpse into the process. I really love your paintings, and would be delighted if I could add you to my list of artist links. I’ll be back!


  4. Thanks everyone for your very kind comments.

    I’m much better able to stay loose and light with ink and watercolor than with oil painting. I’m hoping that doing these studies will help me develop a lighter more spontaneous touch with oils.

    Hi Ambera. Thanks for visiting. I’d be honored to be listed in your links.


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