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Still life with purple carton and Focus


Still Life with Purple Carton

6″ x 8″ oil on canvas

I know my blog lacks focus. One day I’m doing pen and ink landscapes the next oil portraits and now I’m back to still life. I’m easily influenced and want to paint whatever I’m turned on by at the time. This is one of the advantages of having a “hobby blog” as opposed to a “professional blog”. But it may make for a less interesting blog to follow and it may also limit my growth as a painter.

(I don’t consider myself a hobbiest but since I’m not putting any energy into selling, I suppose that’s what I would be considered.)

Anyway, lately I’ve discovered a couple of painters I like and they’ve gotten me thinking of still lives again.

I mentioned Kathryn Law‘s self portrait project but she also has a lot of really freshly painted still lives on her blog. Another painter I’ve been admiring lately is Jason Waskey, I especially like his inclusion of patterns which I’ve tried without much success so far. I always admire Carol Marine’s still lives as well and have followed her blog for a long time.

I’m impressed by the commitment these painters show (Carol has now produced more than 400 paintings on her blog!) and their methodical way of exploring their subjects. In other words, their focus. It’s interesting to watch from day to day to see the evolution of what they’re interested in and what angle they choose to tackle it from each time.

8 thoughts on “Still life with purple carton and Focus”

  1. I think it’s a GOOD thing to experiment and to use different media and develop and not good to keep doing the same thing over and over – so I say keep on experimenting and investigating and thinking around things :>)


  2. I like your blog just the way it is. You keep your work fresh and experimental and that’s what keeps me coming back. I crazy about your oil sketches but love your other work too.


  3. Merry Christmas to you Bill,
    I check your site every now and then to see what you are up to. I don’t think you lack focus, your focus is what it is. I myself, as an artist and teacher, will paint with watercolors for a while, and then it’s pastels and then tempera….all different subjects, too. I used to do self portraits a lot, but these days the image in the mirror is different… ( due to 1948 birthdate) sigh…
    Anyway, keep up the great work and thanks for sharing!
    ( I tried posting earlier in the day, but it didn’t show up! So if something similar to this post shows up by some cyber glitch later, it’s going to seem really wierd.. Oh well…)


  4. I also love your blog the way it is, because I like your rt work so much! Don’t change a thing, please!


  5. Thanks for the encouraging words, everyone. I didn’t mean to imply that I was going to change. I’m an unfocused person so it’s completely appropriate that I have an unfocused blog.


  6. Hey Bill, that’s exactly what I think too, about the focus thing. Blogs especially are supposed to be more like a “stream of consciousness” than an organized presentation of your body of work, so the lack of specific focus is a good thing! I honestly think it’s healthy for our growth as painters, too. I gotta tell you how much I love the purple carton in this painting. The fruit is gorgeous too, but the warms and cools in that purple! Subtle and so perfect. Your sense of color is very inspiring to me.


  7. I thought I was gonna go against the grain by weighing in here with how much I like the variety on your blog, but it seems I’m just adding to the grain! 😀 The painting here is rich, warm and juicy with oil color, and finds beauty in common ordinary looking (’til YOU get ahold of it)stuff. In the Centennial Mills picture, next post, you’re water-based again, and getting so good at it I can almost smell the water as it ripples up to the bank. It is interesting to watch somebody develop the same type thing, the subtle changes over time are fun to watch, you can learn along with them, but that happens with “stream of consciousness” (to borrow from Kathy’s comment) type of thing as well. There’s just…well, more variety. We stay interested to see not only how you’re doing, but what you’re doing as well.

    OK. Sounds like you’re gonna keep on keepin’ on, anyway. 🙂 Way to go!
    I appreciate you being here.


  8. Thanks a lot Kathy and A. I really appreciate your comments.

    I’ve always loved looking at sketchbooks and studies much more than finished works. It’s interesting to see how an artist thinks. I think that way about blogs.


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