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Clementine on a plate


Clementine on a plate awb

6″ x 6″ oil on canvas

I’ve been calling these little oranges clementines. That’s how they’re labeled in the grocery store but I’ve never heard the term before. Is this a new variety or have I been missing something?

I like the warm shadows cast by the fruit in this one but I wish I’d given it a bit more convincing volume.

It didn’t take long and it was fun.

5 thoughts on “Clementine on a plate”

  1. Anita, I appreciate your visits. It’s been fun to see you explore self portraiture on your blog. That’s something I’m interested in as well.

    E-J, thanks for the info. I really should eat more fruit. I eat lots of vegetables but, for some reason, not enough fruit. Maybe then I would have known what a Clementine is.

    WR Constructive criticism is pretty rare in the blogging world. I appreciate your comment. I agree that the shadow is much warmer than what I was really seeing there. I indulged myself with what I painted.

    Hi Sylvina. I’m glad you stopped by. Your blog is on my regular rounds. I’m looking forward to seeing what you make with that new skull of yours.


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