10 thoughts on “interior with velvet chair”

  1. I like this piece with the strong light on the chair. I sometime notice such lighting on the furniture in our house. At those times I think how I would like to paint it but never seem to find the time. You did and made good use of it too.


  2. This is a lovely painting Bill. I especially love the way you’ve handled all the various rose tones in the chair to show it’s dimension. Very warm and inviting. I want to sit in that place.


  3. Hi Bill, your paintings are beautiful. I wish I could paint like that. Do you live in Costa Rica? I found out about Costa Rica through Costa Rica HQ and now I can’t wait to visit. I loved your Costa Rica journal.


  4. Sally, thanks for visiting. The chair is very comfortable to sit in.

    Janet, I live in Oregon and was only in Costa Rica for a week. Thanks for your kind words.


  5. Dad, I think this is one of the first times you’ve done a pen and watercolor version as well as oil and I like the oil better. Interesting. I think it is because the oil seems warmer which I think is truer to the space. Love you! Keep it up, I’m enjoying the blog!!


  6. I have to second (or third) the notion about the light on the chair. It just looks a window across the room is allowing a bit of cool sunshine to dance about the room. Very nice and velvety.


  7. Hi Frank, Thanks for your visit and kind words. I enjoy your blog.

    Lost in Wonder, thank you as well. I enjoy painting and sitting in this chair. It was actually light from a lamp at night.


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