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View across the broadway bridge


view across broadway bridge

6″ x 8″ ink and watercolor

I like to do little watercolors like this as birthday cards for friends. Unfortunately I put this one off til the last minute and now that it’s posted I see that the river bank is a little off kilter.

I stole this composition from a painting I saw recently of a different bridge in Portland by Lli Wilburn. Her painting is much better, btw. My rule for stealing is, always steal from someone better than myself.


10 thoughts on “View across the broadway bridge”

  1. I don’t know if you actually stole the composition – I’d say you adapted it to this specific subject. The tilt doesn’t bother me, I just sort of tilted my head to look at it. I quite like it.


  2. Hey Bill! Nice little sketch! I remember walking over this bridge when we came up on the train for the Rembrandt exhibit. Makes me want to get out my watercolors!


  3. Hi Casey, thanks for visiting.

    Robin, That first red tower just to the left of the bridge is the train station. I’ve really enjoyed your recent paintings. Thanks for the kind words.

    Ambera, Thanks.


  4. I rather like the off-kilter nature of this. So many great everyday scenes in Portland to paint. Yours tend to be gritty. Are you ever tempted by places like the Chinese Classical Garden? Perhaps pretty isn’t as challenging. I’m drawn to pretty myself, but usually end up really admiring creative treatments of things like, well bricks…


  5. Hi Sharon. I’m not sure I would ever have thought of painting at the Chinese Classical Garden. It’s not real and it already is a painting. I am drawn to the beauty of neglect and chance. But I think, if you look back through my postings you could probably find a couple of things that might fit the pretty test. The velvet chair is kind of pretty, don’t you think?


  6. Oh yeah…the chair is lovely, can’t beat that lavender and yellow combo. Anyway, I guess I am also drawn to the beauty of neglect and chance because I really like your art. It always draws me in for a good, long look. I spend time considering it, thinking about why it works and why you painted it.

    A glance usually suffices for the pretty stuff.


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