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Water Tower reworked a bit

I got some good advice from visitors that I applied to this little sketch and this is the result.

water tower reworked lighter

6″ x 8″ oil on canvas

What did I change? I moved the bottom of the bridge so that it didn’t align with the roof line of the building (thanks Frank) and intensified some of the values as it was pretty much all mid tone before (thanks Ujwala).

I tweaked a few other things to help distinguish between objects and probably got a better photo this time than last.

I always see something else I want to fix after I post it so I may play with it a bit more but I’m getting tired of looking at it now so I’m more likely to toss it in the drawer and move on to something else.

I appreciate the feedback both positive and critical and I think this one turned out better as a result.

11 thoughts on “Water Tower reworked a bit”

  1. Yes, I do like this more. I like the kinda blank area to the left of the water tower, it balances the tower nicely. I bet it looks even better in life. What size is the painting by the way?


  2. Wow, good changes. I looked at your last post through a red gel to gage the values and saw that it was mostly mid tones. I didn’t say anything because I figured it was on purpose. Now looking at this one through the gel I looks amazing. So much stronger.


  3. Hey, Sylvina, I’ve been looking for one of those red gel things. Where did you get yours? This is a piece of transparent red plastic, right?


  4. What an improvement!
    It’s 100% better, I think intensifying the values was an excellent suggestion, it has a lot more pop, and the individual elements of the painting look stronger overall.


  5. I agree with everybody else, the changes made this piece a lot more interesting. I like it a lot. And I have to comment on that mossy brick that you posted a while ago. It is lovely, and it reminds me of a huge musical instrument that André Franquin made come alive in one of his Gaston comic books. Don´t remember which one, but it was lovely with everything that began growing on that thing, and your brick is kind of the same thing, only a smaller object and not comic style…


  6. Hey Bill, the red gel thing is called Picture Perfect 3 in 1 View Finder. You can find out more about it at and the only way to purchase it is to send a check to the couple who makes them at 642 Sunrise ave. Medford, OR 97504. The other option is going to a camera shop and buying a roll of green or red gel (and yes it’s transparent plastic) but I tried this and I prefer the plastic in a cardboard frame. I’m sure you could make that yourself too.


  7. Hi Nina. Thanks for visiting. I’ve been enjoying your drawings and watercolors. I’ll have to look up Andre Franquin. I’ve not heard of him but I confess I’m not very knowledgeable about comic artists.

    Silvina, thanks for the info on the viewfinder.


  8. Jana, nice to hear from you. It was indeed generous of folks to offer their suggestions and fun to incorporate them. Thanks.


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