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Corner of NW Broadway and Lovejoy

This is another quick sketch, testing out papers. This is a piece of Arches Text Wove/Velin Arches that was sent to me by a fellow Sketch Journaler, Roz Stendahl to try out.

Corner of NW Broadway and Lovejoy

watercolor ink and gouache

It wets more readily than the handmade paper put it is quite a bit less substantial and buckles a lot when wet.

I also did a little more testing with Noodler’s ink and it does seem to run on the Twinrocker paper I just bound into a sketchbook. I checked their website and they say that it should be waterproof on cellulose paper. The paper is cotton rag so should be cellulose. I’ve written them for advice.

4 thoughts on “Corner of NW Broadway and Lovejoy”

  1. A great sketch Bill. I’m no expert, but the papers I enjoy most, are Arches HP and CP and Fabriano HP. And I prefer working with the blocks, they are glued on all four sides, which keeps them stretched all the time while you’re working and when you’re done, you just tear off your finished painting. They don’t need any wetting beforehand and don’t buckle and they come in different sizes. I even prefer them to a sketchbook where the paper does buckle, when using a loaded brush (like I do)Maybe you already know them, I just thought I’d share what works for me.


  2. Casey and Ronell, Thank you for your continued encouragement.

    Steph, it seems you were maybe commenting on the drawing of Willie. He is indeed a character.


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