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willie ink and wtrclr

8″ x 5″ ink and watercolor

This is my daughter’s dog. She’s away at college. He looks like a puppy but he’s really getting quite old, 15 or 16. That one eye is blind and he’s mostly deaf, except at dinner time. My daughter picked him out at the pound, when he was 5 and she was about 8. His papers said that he’d been an outside dog and was not good with cats but he’s never complained about sleeping in my daughter’s bed nor chased our cat. He likes to wear one of his ears flipped back. He blew his knee out, a few years ago and needed surgery and, although he spends most of his day in slumber, he still has a little bounce in his step on his walks.

Willie - goauche
goauche and ink

I’ve been very busy with work and haven’t had time or energy to do anything but some sketching. I’ve enjoyed trying to learn a little more about goauche.

12 thoughts on “Willie”

  1. These sketches are so wonderful — priceless treasures really, especially with the dear old pooch getting so old. THere’s so much feeling and character in these images. I love them!


  2. I love the pen and ink and wash drawing of this old sweetie. Elderly dogs have such a lovely quizzical innocent silence. The character of lines in the drawing emphasizes the tentative manner of this old dog. Lovely studies, very sensitive. G


  3. Hi Bill, I agree with Jana, lots of feeling and character in these. I’m especially fond of the ink and watercolor one on top. Very sensitive. This is art!

    BTW, almost done with the S. Gablik book. She’s hyper eloquent and very intellectual, but somehow I get it. I like this book very much. I’ve highlighted the heck out of it! Thanks for recommending it.


  4. Hi Jana, We checked is records the other day and he’s actually 17. That’s 119 in dog years. He looks better than I do and I’m half his age.

    Thanks for visiting G. He’s a sweet old man. And still continent, that’s saying something.

    Justwilliams, thanks for finding my blog and taking the time to comment. I’m glad you like the drawings.

    Silvina, It’s always nice to hear from you. I’m glad you’re enjoying the book. My copy is dogeared and marked up as well. I’ve just finished it again myself. I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.


  5. an amazing painting of the dog…oh no our 16 yr old JR is really 112…has that spunk when he runs down the street during our walks…hope we are doing as well when their age:>


  6. Skeletor!!! I burst out laughing when I looked at that first picture, I LOVE IT!! It really does capture his slightly confused, slightly unaware, slightly alert, slightly sleepy air. I miss him.


  7. Sadly, Willie recently went to that big dog park in the sky. He was a sweetheart. If the records were correct, he was 18 years old. Thanks for the kind words.


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