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A couple of sketches


I haven’t touched a brush for 2 weeks. The only drawing I’ve done has been in Dr’s offices as my wife has been undergoing tests to determine the extent of a recurrence of breast cancer. It’s been nine years since her original diagnosis. I’m very relieved to say that the cancer seems to be limited to the original site and has not spread to her bones or organs. We got the good news yesterday which was our 27th wedding anniversary and had a wonderful celebration last night. She will, obviously have to undergo treatment but her prognosis is very good and she has non-invasive treatment options. I was, frankly, expecting a much worse outcome.

Les and her cat.

13 thoughts on “A couple of sketches”

  1. Hi, I am a long-time viewer and a never-before commenter of your blog, and I just want to wish you and your wife all the best, a speed recovery, and many-many-many returns of the anniversary.


  2. This is a very powerful entry. I like the use of your lines – I can feel the tension. Congrats on the prognosis, and good luck to you.


  3. Great sketches. it must have helped you to keep your hand eye and mind occupied during such a trying time. But good news and good prognosis and not invasive treatment. Happy anniversary to you two, and my wish for many more to come for you. G


  4. Happy anniversary to you! And so relieved with you that the prognosis is good….take good care of her and good luck there! Great sketching in time of stress..


  5. Bill, I’m so sorry for the scary time you two must have gone through in these past few days. But so glad for the good news. What a relief! That makes this an extra special anniversary. Congrats on 27 years. (This month is 22 yrs for me and my husband). I wish you and your wife all the best.
    btw, you sketch well under stress.


  6. Well, cancer is never a good thing, but that prognosis sounds about as good as you can get.
    I’m surprised you were able to get anything done art wise.
    Best wishes to your wife and many more happy anniversaries to you both.


  7. Great news!! Happy, happy anniversary to you both. Well, Bill. I go outside to paint this Friday with trepidation. No pain, no gain, I guess. We both have to kick our hind sides to get out there, because we WILL get better!


  8. Frank, Deborah, David, Thanks very much for your well wishes. The prognosis is indeed the best I could have hoped for. We have, however come down from our elation over the test results to the realization that Les still has a tough time ahead as she goes through treatment. But, things could be so much worse and I’m grateful for all the good thoughts coming our way.

    David, I plan on getting out there again soon. I did find that it helps to have a comrade along to laugh at my feeble attempts with. I’m looking forward to seeing more from you.


  9. Oh Bill, I am so sorry to hear this, and hope that the treatment goes as smoothly as possible. I wish there were more that words could say. đŸ˜¦


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