12 thoughts on “Krueger Farm – Sauvie Island”

  1. I just wanted to have a look at your first plein air this year. Nice color combinations and definitely spring. Frank is a hard boy isnΒ΄t he πŸ™‚


  2. Well, you may not like it, the trees could use a little help, but at least you had the guts to put it up here.
    I wiped yesterday’s and I’d do the same today if it did not have a bunch of dried layers of crap underneath.
    Keep at it.


  3. Bill , this is a respectable little study….honest painting and honest sentiment….I feel your pain man…..reading over your blog, glad to see you came through a tough scare with your humor intact…Best wishes to your wife..


  4. It feels a little weird visiting someone else’s blog and hearing my tone in their writing. I thought I was the reigning queen of self-deprecation. You don’t suck! I love the color of the sky. Just once I’d like to paint a believable pinkish sky. I’ll keep trying P.A. painting if you will… deal? And Kristin is right, your industrial landscapes are cool.


  5. Kristin, Thanks for your vote of confidence. I recently discovered you great blog and you’re on my favorites list. We seem to share a fondness for chain link πŸ™‚

    Martin, Thanks for letting me know you visited. Both Frank Gardeners are amazing plein air painters. And, as I said on one of their blogs, nothing makes you appreciate plein air like trying it.

    Frank, thanks for the encouragement. I know I can count on you for an honest assessment

    Robin, you’re a very nice man. You’re paintings have really been an inspiration and thanks for the well wishes.

    Silvina, Your PA work is really good. I’m not giving up, but I do wish it would stop raining so I could get out there again.


  6. Okay two things. First, you do not suck! I love the treatment of the fields in the middle-ground, and the color is radiant. The sky is great! The trees, not so much. πŸ˜€
    Second, there are TWO Frank Gardners?? :O


  7. Silvina – I’m with you! I laughed at the familiar sound of self-contempt when work doesn’t come out the way I see it in my minds’ eye.
    Bill, your colors are just wonderful and unexpected.
    Two recent sayings given to me:
    1. Every day is a good day for fishing, not every day is a good day for catching. ( I suppose we have to read into the meaning of that when applied to our work)
    2. It’s about the process and not the progress.
    Not every piece is for a collector. Maybe we learn from what we do.

    True confession- I’m doing my very first plein air workshop next week and I’ve NEVER painted outside, in front of other artists and NEVER painted a landscape.
    So your work is an inspiration to ME!
    And you do not suck. I second that.


  8. Kathy, Thanks for the smack up side the head. The impact also cleared my head and made me realize my mistake about the Frank Gardners. I was referring to Frank Gardner in Mexico http://frankgardner.blogspot.com/ and Frank Edwards in Canada http://fedwards.blogspot.com/

    Hi Bonnie. I appreciate your words of wisdom and encouragement. Good luck with your workshop. I look forward to seeing what you come up with. I will say that, no matter how dissatisfied I’ve been with the PA work I’ve done. I’ve enjoyed the experience of being outside and the camaraderie of other painters.


  9. LOL hang in there! I’m going on my first plein air venture this week. I always have these visions of miraculous improvement without ever having had any practice. I actually really like htis painting. It’s charming!


  10. Diana – I appreciate your letting me know you visited and your kind words. I’ve enjoyed visiting your blog.


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