6 thoughts on “Bee Hives plein air”

  1. I think this one is much more successful than you last plein air. Nice solid shapes and greta color. Especially in the hives and forground.
    You dont say anything about it. Do you like it?


  2. Nice! I’m very fond of the palette you chose. Mauves, purples and a touch of blue. Good tones in the shadow side of the white boxes too.

    Your last post was a little scary, man. : )


  3. Hi Frank, I like this one much better than the last PA I posted. I have to confess that I did punch it up just a bit when I got home. Thanks for your feedback.

    I’ve been going through a period of feeling very clumsy with the brush and I’ve been trying to figure out why. Carole Marine’s recent discussions about brushes has been interesting . I’m always happy to blame the brushes.

    Deborah, Thank you. It’s great to get feedback from such accomplished painters as you and Frank.

    Silvina, I’m glad you like it. I’m happy with how this one turned out.

    Sorry to scare you, I said I was angst addled. There are others from that period that are not quite as confronting but they were all pretty raw and if felt good to express that.


  4. This is really beautiful, Bill! Glad to see you are still interested in Plein
    air! Unique subject and the light is really nice. I love the bold confident brushwork.


  5. As a recent attempter of plein air painting ( only slightly easier than quantum physics ), I can really appreciate this beautiful color study. You have a way of using mauves and pinks in the most sun-lit and un-prissy of ways.

    Love the little bit of blue sky poking through as well as the rest of those cool colors and definitive brush strokes.

    If Carol blames her brushes, count me in on the same desire for a pardon. I’ll take anything!


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