7 thoughts on “More hospital sketches”

  1. Bill, It makes me a little sad to think you had to spend enough time in a room like this to be able to take it all in with such accuracy. …….But! you did manage to infuse this rather grim subject with a hopeful warmth. Bee Hives and exam rooms. You’re like the Oregonian version of Wray? Dumpsters next, I suspect. 🙂

    p.s. teasing you, I like these unusual subjects!


  2. Celeste, I consider it high praise to be compared to William Wray (Painter of Blight). He’s one of my heros. I actually did include a dumpster in a watercolor I posted back on Dec 13th.

    David, Thanks for stopping by. I do like the computer rig.


  3. Only you could turn a sterile, depressing place like this into such a fascinating, vibrant painting. this is great.
    I hope you’re ok, Bill. Take good care of yourself.


  4. oops – I commented on the wrong post – that was meant for the examination room painting above!


  5. You produce the most amazing paintings of these odd places. The composition and colors in this just hum. I also reallyy like the grey/brown chair. (I’m totally with you on hating exam rooms/doc visits. After rescheduling my annual physical three times I actually showed up last week. Glad it’s over.I hope your wife’s recovery is going well.)


  6. Casey and Sharon, Thanks for your comments.

    Casey, I’m fine. My wife has been in hospitals quite a bit lately as she’s treated for a recurrence of breast cancer.


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