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Sketch of Examination Table


6″ x 8″ oil on canvas

Examination rooms have always been a bit intimidating. For an introvert like myself, the idea of being examined is enough to make me uneasy. The addition of more and more technological devices seems to heighten the sense of isolation and coldness that I’ve always experienced in them. As a young person I was pretty optimistic about what the results of a physical examination would be but eventually one is bound to get some bad news in one of these places. As I get older and, having had the experience of hearing something I didn’t want to hear, I find that I’m more uneasy in exam rooms.

Maybe I’ll do a real painting of this sometime.

9 thoughts on “Sketch of Examination Table”

  1. Under your application of tranquil colors, you’ve been able to turn a usually unfriendly, cheerless, cold room into a natal bath! Great little study here Frank, and good way to disarm the bomb, so to speak.
    I’m right there with you on those thoughts of exam rooms.

    Once again, your palette is delicious- more like a sorbet parlor than examination room #4.


  2. I looked at this earlier today, and had to go away and think about why it was so affecting. The colors are soothing, reminiscent of the colors they use on purpose in places like that to put patients at ease, but the rumpled paper sheet and that mass of high-tech equipment at left create an edgy undercurrent. Maybe it’s just that we know what’s going on for you, maybe it’s personal experience too. But you got it. It’s there.


  3. Bill
    This group of paintings and drawings of hospital interiors are wonderful. They are rich with real (authentic) feelings. This painting in particular is so right on in what it communicates to me.


  4. Wow. A “real painting”? THIS is real. It’s a beautiful little oil and the subject matter is strikingly original. It also manages to communicate everything you’ve put into words in this post.


  5. Bonnie, sorbet – I like that.

    Ambera , Thanks

    Kathy, that’s just what I was thinking as I painted it.

    Frank, a comparison to Hopper is always welcome.

    Bob, thanks for visiting. I’m glad these pieces spoke to you

    E-J, I think it does make a difference to paint something that’s real for you. Thanks for your encouragement.


  6. Hi Bill,
    I agree with the Hopper analogy. A beautiful, touching painting. Sending you and your wife my best wishes, strength and brighter tomorrows.


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