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Another old pastel from my youth


Human Being

23″ x 17″ pastel flashe and plaster on paper

I’ve been working on a portrait and it’s been really tough to capture a satisfactory likeness.

Since I don’t have anything new to posts I thought I’d post another piece from a long time ago, although the last one I posted drove my page views way down.

This one is one of the last I did in this expressionistic style. I was experimenting with texture and applied plaster to the paper then painted and pasteled over it. The plaster cracked and flaked showing layers underneath.

7 thoughts on “Another old pastel from my youth”

  1. This is an interesting piece–the sort of “presence/absence” of the figure, and the childlike quality of the large head. The gesture seems to show surprise and innocence. I like this one lots more than the last “blast from the past”. 🙂


  2. Kathy, Congratulations on the exciting news of your move to Italy. I really look forward to seeing what the moves does for your work. Thanks for stopping by.

    Ambera, Thanks I’m enjoying the work you’re posting for your upcoming show.


  3. Hi Bill, I was unsure of this one at first. Had to come back a few times. I like the mark making and carefree drawing style. It’s almost like it is about a memory of some sort. What is the red thing on the chest? Heart?
    It is cool to see older stuff once in a while. I don’t know much about most of my blogger friends, and stuff like this helps fill in the blanks.


  4. Hi Frank, The work I was doing at that time was very much about mark making and the purposely awkward drawing expressed something for me. I went out of my way to find ways to make if difficult to draw so that the marks would be fresh and unstudied. The red thing is the heart, yes.

    Your comment started me thinking. That mark making is important to me and I think that’s why I am still so attached to the pen and watercolor drawings I do. In fact, I haven’t really found a way yet to satisfy that urge in the oil painting I’ve been doing lately. I used to really tear into some of those pieces. That’s one reason I like Frank Edwards’ paintings so much. He really tears into a canvas and has mastered mark making with oils.


  5. Thanks for the nice comment Chloe. I really admire the fearless linework of your drawings


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