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Stairway PA


8″ x 6″ oil on linen panel

It was supposed to rain all weekend but the sun came out this morning so I dragged my pochade out to the driveway for a quick study. The stairs are a little steep at the top and I think I may have to replace the alizarin crimson with a cad red for more flexibility in mixing, otherwise, all my paintings will be maroon.

5 thoughts on “Stairway PA”

  1. Sweet PA. Nice and simple design. Confident strokes.
    I’ve pretty much stopped using Alizarin, unless I really need it. Cad red and ultramarine give me a nice purple. I use it a lot for block ins too. Since the cad red has a bit of yellow in it the mix is a little more neutral and not so maroony.


  2. Casey, it’s funny how things look more romantic in paintings than in real life. I guess that’s one reason we paint them 🙂

    Frank, Thanks. I agree about the reds although It’s hard to break old habits. I don’t think I’ve ever painted without alizarin on my palette. I really like to use it in blacks and greens.

    Hi Ronell, Thanks for visiting. I saw, from your blog, that you’ve been taking a break. I hope it rejuvenated you.


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