7 thoughts on “still life with pruning shears”

  1. I really like this one Bill. Lots of great colors and brushwork. Looks like one of the blue rimmed glasses that they make here in our town.

    Like the lemon too.


  2. Bill – this is truly yummy and is a keeper, one you should never let go. I love the pings of highlights and how they energize the composition. The handling of the shadows is sensitive. Wowie, were you on a roll!!! 🙂 G


  3. Frank, These glasses are from somewhere in Mexico. I appreciate your assessment. There are passages in this one that I like very much.

    SL – I’m glad you like it. I appreciate your enthusiastic support.


  4. Bill- before this even finished loading, I knew those were pruning shears – just by the suggestion! You nailed this piece so wonderfully.
    It looks like it just came right to you.
    And how funny- we have a little shop here on St. Croix called Mi Tierra and everything comes from MEXICO! I, too, have a set of those blue rimmed, indestructible glasses and recognized that immediately too!-

    Think you did a lovely piece above it with the stone steps too.

    Glad you’re able to keep your brushes handy and give yourself some time for you too. It’s a tough balance when there are so many other things going on in your life. I know.


  5. That is funny that everyone has some of those glasses. They are made here in San Miguel. Guajuye makes them. They have other colors as well. They are pretty indestructible.


  6. NICE! I like that you included the clippers with the flower you cut. I see we’ve switched to cad red now. Looks excellent. Well done! btw… I too have had the blue rimmed glasses.


  7. Bonnie, Thanks a lot for your kind words. I think these glasses are kind of a license to bohemianism, don’t you? … and they are fun to paint

    Frank, the store where I got them has some green ones too but the blue are much more classic. I’m looking forward to seeing what you produce on your trip.

    Hi Silvina, I have always had cad red on my studio palette and alizirin as well it was on my plein air palette that I was using strictly primaries and I agree with you that cad red is a better choice for that. I’m looking forward to seeing what you’re making since your workshop.


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