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Felcos and shot glass


6″ x 6″ oil on canvas

For sixteen years I made my living with these shears in some very beautiful gardens around town. Now I rarely touch them as my own garden goes to seed.

From comments I’ve received on the last painting I did of one of these Mexican glasses, every one has some of them. They’re fun to paint because the glass is a little smoky and wobbly.


Although it’s still cold and rainy outside I started a guilty pleasure summer reading type of book, The Fifth Woman, an Inspector Wallander mystery by Swedish author Henning Mankel. Listening to Sam Amidon’s All is Well.


8 thoughts on “Felcos and shot glass”

  1. Beautiful warm colours in this painting bill. Your shears look very much like mine.
    I’m off to toulouse for the weekend and when back at home next week, I’m working on your painting. Sorry for keeping you on the wait for so long…my art just wasnt’ right “there”…


  2. Ronell, don’t worry about the portrait. I was never happy with what I came up with. I may take another crack at it now that you remind me. Thanks for the supportive comment. The shears are Felco pruners. They’re really great. I have 4 of them and these particular ones I’ve used for 25 years. They’re old friends and feel very comfortable in my hand.


  3. Another wonderful painting Bill. Love all the warm colors and loose work that looks like your gardening hand was at play with the brush!
    Great composition too.
    And of course, I have Felcos’ – left-handed ones and use them every day. The bush here grows faster than you can manage.


  4. excellent paintings Bill, I haven’t visited in a while. The most recent still life is creepy, the composition with open shears, it’s strange and dark and I like it. Lovely stairwell..


  5. Hi Bill, I’m finally able to try and catch up on everyone’s recent work.
    Of course I have a bunch of those glasses as well. Very useful.

    I dig the brushwork in this one and the juxtaposition of the shot glass and clippers.


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