Head Study 2


14″ x 11″ oil on paper

Practice sketch using the megilp medium and palette I described in my last post. I did add a bit of red toward the end. othewise the skin tones end up pretty much yellow. Apologies for the glare.

It’s kind of cheating using this extreme lighting, but I’m not above that.

11 thoughts on “Head Study 2”

  1. Really nice work here Bill- this head and the previous post of the lemon. Love how you caught the extreme lights and darks with very fearless brushwork.
    I know what you mean about outcomes of workshops. I liken it to practicing scales as a singer- not lovely, but necessary.

    The notion that paint can be moved around after it’s on the canvas is verrrrry tempting.


  2. I like the colors in the face, and I particularly like the way you painted the hair. Keep moving forward with the plein air. Hard work (and fun work), but by golly, one does get more comfortable with it?


  3. Good one. Lots of good strokes in there.
    It has been way too long since I had the guts to try a self portrait. Is this from the class? How long a pose was that?


  4. Frank, I was so uncomfortable with the palette and medium in the first class that I felt the need to do some practice before the next class so this was done at home. I probably worked on it, off and on, for a couple of hours.

    You don’t post much figure work. It would be interesting to see some from you. I’m always fascinated by how artists depict themselves. Do you know Martha Miller’s blog? She does a lot of self portraits.


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