Portrait exchange with Ronell

My friend Ronell invited me to do a portrait exchange. We exchanged photos of each other and I did terrible things to her on paper and canvas. – Sorry, Ronell

I’m afraid I was not able to do her justice it’s tough working from a photo.

Take a look at Ronell’s attempt at capturing me at her blog, African Tapestry.

15 thoughts on “Portrait exchange with Ronell”

  1. You did wonderful! They all are so interesting with the different mediums and I like them all. It seems so effortless for you! great work. Thanks. This is a nice excercise…even though I don’t do you justice, I am really enjoying it .


  2. The third one is the best likeness—she has amazingly gorgeous and exotic coloring in real life and you were able to convey that.


  3. I love the probing quality of your drawings. The colour of the painted portrait is “high”, but then there are some persons with this ‘high” skin colouring, so they seem to burn as if from within. The contrast of the blue in the hair against the warms of the skin tones really heightens this effect in your painting. very nice! G


  4. You’re so funny… “terrible things”. I don’t see anything terrible! The watercolor in the center is my favorite. You have a really neat way of using expressive marks on top of your watercolors that give it a signature style all your own.

    I’ve never seen you in person, but judging from your self-portraits I’d say that Ronell did a great job with your likeness!


  5. Ronell, I’m glad you like them but I don’t think any of them look like you. Your portraits were a really good likeness of me.


  6. Hi Laura, I’ve only seen Ronell in the photos she sent and the self portraits on her website. I don’t think I really captured a good likeness. I may try again.


  7. Suburbanlife, you always say the most interesting things. I do think Ronell has a kind of inner glow.


  8. Silvina, Thanks, I enjoy drawing like that. I agree that Ronell captured a good likeness of me.


  9. I love the lively-ness of the last one!!!! And, I think you’re being too hard on yourself…. you did a great job.


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