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Airport Sketches


photo from window of airliner somewhere between TN and TX

I had to make an unexpected trip to Tennessee last week and spent a lot of time waiting in airports. These three sketches were done in the Portland, OR, Knoxville, TN and Dallas/Fort Worth airports. It’s much easier to find a comfortable place to draw what’s happening on the tarmac in the smaller airports but the larger ones are more exciting visually. Their organization is more complex and difficult to grasp.


. .


The sketches are all ink and watercolor in a 5″ x 8″ handmade sketchbook. The paper is Twinrocker handmade paper that I’ve been a little disappointed in but it may be my tools and techniques that are not that compatible with the paper.


13 thoughts on “Airport Sketches”

  1. I love these sketches from the tarmac. It reminds me or Sydney airport, or perhaps Christchurch (NZ). It just makes me feel like hopping in a cab right now & going out to the airport and hopping on a plane to somewhere warm.


  2. I just love these. You have such a distinctive, soulful style—hard for me to describe, because there’s a lot of wit there, too.


  3. I first found your blog through your Costa Rica sketchbook. You inspired me to do the same thing as I sit waiting. ( which I’m not very good at ).
    I really liked these sketches.

    You’ve been turning out some really good work- what I admire is how you express so much, regardless of your medium, in such an under-worked way.

    I’ve been in NYC for the past 2+ weeks, in a painting deficit but a museum infusion.
    Glad I stopped here for some priming of the pump!


  4. Ambera, I almost wish for delays once I’ve started a sketch

    Bonnie, You alway leave the greatest comments. Waiting is much easier now that I carry a sketchbook.

    I love visiting NYC but I don’t think I could ever have enough energy to live there. Portland is big city enough for me, and I always have a great feeling when the returning flight crosses over the Cascade Mountains toward my home. You left NYC for a reason. I’d love to hear what you love about your chosen home.


  5. Bill- thanks so much for the very kind comment. I don’t make the news – I just report what I see.
    In your work, I see real commitment and love for what you do as well as growth as a painter.

    The more return trips I make to NYC, the more I truly appreciate being on St. Croix. As a lover of nature ( despite or maybe because of being a lifelong New Yorker !), I love the obvious beauty of my view every day. The chatter of birds and recognizing their calls to each other. Knowing that regardless of the weather forecast I always know when it’s going to rain by the first chirp of the rain frogs in our rock wall. Recognizing that living in a natural world is more meaningful today than it ever was.
    And the community of the human collective that is so diverse and quite accepting of differences.
    I’ve had a good long drink of NY and am very eager to get back to my real life now. And painting.

    Keep well, and know that you continue to inspire, even from so far away.


  6. Bonnie, Isn’t it great to love the place you live in. I hated where I grew up and didn’t know what it was like to love my home until I move here.


  7. Thanks Matthew. Although I’ve not been invited to be a corespondent, I’m listed as a member on the Urban SKetchers blog. It’s one of my favorite sites. I admire the work you’ve posted there.


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