10 thoughts on “Another try at Ronell’s portrait”

  1. Thanks so much for the comment on my blog. You have a very interesting blog to read with some really nice art work. I too am inspired by other bloggers. It’s amazing to come across so many talented and creative people while sitting in my own studio. While I love going to museums, the internet allows me to see so much more. Keep painting!


  2. Beautiful image and style, again. Really good sketch of her eye! Have you seen Adebanji’s blog? He sketches people on the metro in London. Reminds me a bit of your work. His link is on my blog.


  3. A great watercolour again Bill! Love the overall soft coloring. I am still shying away from the oil, which is what I want to get back to a little more. will let you know when I’ve pinned you down on canvas!


  4. Hi Bill:

    I found a link to your blog while googling my blog. Fun to find new fellow figure painters! I applaud your conviction to get your art back. Life can take over and artmaking can easliy get relegated to the back burner. Glad to see your art made it to the front of the stove!
    This is a sweet watercolor – brings to mind Isabel Bishop’s work. I have great difficulty working from photographs and much prefer having my model right there in front of me. I respond to so much more than the surface information of each individual. Plus, the challenge of responding to a flat surface – a 2 dimensional image – and making it flesh out is a tough one. We really have to rely on our memory of the person, and our knowledge of drawing from the figure to pull it off. Hard! I’m having to do that right now with a portrait I’m making as a wedding gift for my cousin’s daughter. She and her fiance sat for an hour and a helf and then flew back to Utah (I live in Maine). So now I am completing the piece with the help of photos. Argh! I’m afraid that my work loses it’s freshness when I do this, but maybe I need to simply accept that this is just a another way of working.

    Well, Happy Painting! Keep it up!
    Martha Miller
    P.S. I especially like your self-portraits!


  5. This is so nice, Bill. I love how you constantly push yourself beyond the comfort zone—you and I have that trait in common. The third one in the last batch of Ronell portraits is still the best likeness. It’s not only that the features are more Ronellish, it’s that the colors you used really get at the heart of her, so to speak. The muted colors here, while lovel (as Casey would say ;D) don’t express Ronell’s spirit as well. Now don’t you wish I’d stop commenting on your blog?


  6. Silvina, I like Adebanji’s work. I like to sketch in situations like that but I’m not fast enough to capture that much detail. Thanks for turning me on to his blog.


  7. Ronell, from what Laura says I’ve still not captured you very well. I’d love to see more oil painting from you


  8. Martha, Thanks so much for your comment. I’m a fan of your blog. I agree it’s difficult to work from photos. In this case I’m also at a disadvantage from never having met Ronell but that is part of the fun of this experiment. I hope to hear from you again.


  9. Laura, thanks for your critique. I really thought this one looked more like the photos I have of Ronell than the others. As Martha said, it’s tough to work from photos.


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