Art, Landscape, oil painting, Plein Air

Haystack Rock PA


6″ x 8″ oil on panel

I’m spending the week at the Oregon Coast while my wife recovers from her treatment.

The weather has been pretty much socked in like this everyday. Even though this is not necessarily the prettiest scene to paint, I didn’t have to hurry since the light isn’t changing much. It did brighten slightly toward the end. This resulted in the kind of weird colorization that occured in the closer parts. I thoght it might give it a sense of space if the color intensified in the foreground but the almost complete absence of color in the middle and backgrounds make it seem odd to me.

I continue to not see the color on the panel that well while painting outside. Only when I get it back inside can I see what I’ve done.

3 thoughts on “Haystack Rock PA”

  1. An overcast day would be an ideal condition for PA painting. Especially for those of us just getting the hang of it. I like the angle you chose to paint this from. Makes for a very interesting design.

    I wish your wife a speedy recovery.


  2. I have grown to appreciate an overcast day for PA. Just dont get that many of them down here.

    Beautiful grays. The close colors are a little odd, but I think that I only noticed because you said something.


  3. Silvina, I really have learned to love overcast days in the Pacific NW. I’d have committed suicide long ago if I hadn’t. Thanks for your kind words about my wife. Les is doing much better, although I never realized how tough a course of radiation could be. She’s starting to feel like herself again.

    Frank, The more I look at this piece the more odd the colorized part looks. I’m tempted to glaze color into the monochrome part but I’d be better off doing a studio piece based on this one. My PA work is better when I can remember that I’m just making notes and not try to over paint it. I have to constantly remind myself though.


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