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Sauvie Island Hayfield PA


8″ x 6″ oil on canvas

This was my perfect plein air painting day. I stood in the shade of a row of cotton wood trees in a deserted field and the only disturbance was a small group of black tail deer and a bald eagle. I did three paintings and even put my head down on my pack and dozed a bit before starting the last one of the day. A really lovely relaxing day.

This was the first and worst painting of the day.


5 thoughts on “Sauvie Island Hayfield PA”

  1. Bill, I love your paintings from this paint out. I am just trying oils out (have mostly done watercolors) and don’t understand how you do oils plein aire….it takes so long for them to dry! Nice work, and I loved your description of your perfect painting day!


  2. Got here via Google. Looking for ‘real’ plein air paintings. You had my respect until you referred to this piece as, ‘the worst painting of the day!’ Now you credibility is seriously damaged:)


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