7 thoughts on “More Sauvie Island Plein Air paintings”

  1. Bill, your PA work is looking really good! The top one especially, the light and shadow on the trees, the color of the clouds. Wonderful! I haven’t been PA painting… it’s been scorching hot here in So. Cal.


  2. Bill- I get so much enjoyment from looking at these loose expressions of landscapes. Without detail, you’re able to portray the light and shadow and terrain in full character.


  3. Thanks Silvina. I hope you’re not in the way of any of those fires. Stay cool.

    Bonnie, Thanks, as always, for your encouragement.


  4. I loved reading about your wonderful day painting. What a great idea to plan a whole day, bring a lunch, and plan to take a rest during the day between paintings. I tend to run out, drive somewhere, paint until I can’t stand another minute, pack up feeling exhausted. I’m going to try it your way next time. It does sound idyllic.


  5. Jana, I enjoy reading about your painting adventures as well. This was the perfect painting day for me.


  6. You are a great colorist! When you were writing about temperature changes for plane changes it resonated with me. I had never thought about it that way. Please continue to post! -Jay Bastian


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