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Painting with Elio Camacho – man of mystery


I was delighted to spend the last three days painting with my friend Elio Camacho. Elio did his best to coax more color into my plein air paintings and I resisted as much as I could but I think he may have gained some ground on my precious grey palette.

Elio studied with Ovanes Berberian (some of his work can be seen here), who studied with Sergei Bongart.

My paintings got progressively worse as the workshop continued and I think that’s a good thing because it means I was trying new things and I expect that, as I’m able to find my way with these new ideas, my work will be better for it.

It was great fun to finally meet Elio, after coresponding with him over the internets and blogosphere for the past year or so.  I hope we get to paint together again.

8 thoughts on “Painting with Elio Camacho – man of mystery”

  1. I am glad I got to meet Elio too..! I didn’t get to take his workshop, but I loved the idea of painting with the pthalos! He showed us how he knocks the colors down with the tiniest bit of black. He is an amazing artist. I hope to see something from you that is Elio-inspired. 🙂


  2. Bill, I am always impressed by someone who is willing to take one step back in order to move forward. I too believe there is always room to learn and improve.
    Love your ‘greys’ though! 😉


  3. Unbelievable. Did you ever see the old sitcom show ‘Tool Time’? The actor who plays the neighbor is always shown hiding behind something so that his face is never revealed. I feel it’s that way with Elio. He only has the back of his head photographed. Mysterious man. Nice hair though.


  4. Thanks Celeste. Sorry I didn’t see you at the workshop

    Hi Anita, Believe me, I didn’t step backwards on purpose. I’m sure there will still be plenty of gray left in my paintings.

    Silvina, I tried to get a shot of his face but he was too quick for me.


  5. Bill,

    Thank you for the kind words. It was a joy having you in the class and I cant wait to paint with you in the future.



  6. Taking elio workshop beginning Sat. Would appreciate a list of his palette colors and any special materials he recommends. Thanks


  7. Larry,

    I sent your comment on to Elio with your email address. Hopefully he’ll respond before Saturday. Enjoy the class, he’s a great guy and terrific teacher.


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