11 thoughts on “Yellow Still Life”

  1. Bill- I really love the way you’ve handled these colors, especially that warm yellow fruit on the left side of the canvas. This beauty just sings with warmth and a lively series of strokes.

    It moves, it really moves.


  2. I love this exploration of the warm and cool yellows and the fine range from yellows to oranges and reds and then greens. The black block gives great context for all the colours here. a contrast, a gifference, a rest. Just Yummy!!! G


  3. Bonnie. I like that passage of the painting as well. I’m not too happy with the shadow side of the bowls. It’s been difficult to cool that off without going green.

    G. I appreciate your encouragement. Seeing temperature is exactly what I was trying to do here.

    Rog, I paint on paper quite a bit. If it’s just a study that you’re throwing away, you can just paint directly on paper. It will eventually rot so if you want to keep it around, you can either paint on some acrylic gesso or, buy some prepared paper. I got a roll at Utrecht.
    Here’s a link


  4. Thanks Bill, the last portrait you posted looks like Monica Lewinski

    Silvina, Maybe Elio had made an impact.


  5. Hey Mr. Sharp,

    I just recently came across your blog and I really admire your works!! It’s from art like yours and the others that I’ve found online that give me inspiration. Keep it up and I’ll be looking out for new posts



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