12 thoughts on “still life with medicine bottle and drawing clip”

  1. That brown bottle is just wonderful. What I like so much is how you capture the essence with so little overworking of the paint.
    And your colors are really elegant and well chosen.


  2. I like this one a lot Bill, and the idea of losing the objects in the paint. Your paintings don’t appear that you’re self-conscious at all. It doesn’t happen often, but when I lose myself in the painting, and don’t worry about anything, it usually turns out much better than the times when all the thoughts and preconceived ideas are running through my head.


  3. Thanks Bonny.

    Hi Bill, What I mean by self conscious is that places where the object starts to break down and get lost in the paint look a little too ‘on purpose’ and don’t seem to naturally arise out of the painting as much as I’d like. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


  4. This is so yummy! There’s a wonderful atmospheric look to the background. I have a sense of sunset light coming in from the left. Just beautiful! Loose and juicy and though the clip is less defined, it leads your eye right to the bottle which is the focus, just the way our eyes can’t see everything in focus at once. It feels very natural.


  5. I like the painting. I would have struggled to recognize the clip without the words but like it anyway. I think the only part that makes it hard to recognise is the bottom is flattend without the edge. The clip handle is neatly done. Like the bottle a lot.


  6. Hi Jana, Thanks for the feedback. I’ve come to like this painting better over time.

    Bill, thanks for your vote of confidence.


  7. Wished i could paint like u, i am self thought artist and never learned how to paint loose like u,maybe because i use actylic not oil, i also love the colors u used


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