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Slow Progress

It doesn’t look like much progress has been made from these photos, but, since I had the walls open, I decided to update the electrical system in the house by adding and rerouting some circuits and replacing old non-grounded wires. We’re also looking into replacing our 20 year old furnace and I had to reinstall a door that was leaking. I’m almost ready to start putting things back together. I have to call for an electrical inspection next week and then I can put the insulation and walls back together. Having done almost all the work myself, while working full time, progress has been slower than I’d like but I couldn’t afford to do it otherwise.

Since I have nothing new to post, here’s a mixed media self portrait I did in 1982.

42″ x 42″ pastel and flashe on paper

4 thoughts on “Slow Progress”

  1. Oh yea- you’re back! You’ve been missed here. Nice to see that broken egg become an omelette finally.
    It’s dirty work to do home construction but so worth it when it’s finished.

    A very interesting self portrait- not knowing which end is up or leading!


  2. You’ll be so glad you updated the electrical. I can’t imagine doing all that work after working all day. Lately I can’t even muster the energy to draw or paint after work.


  3. Hi Bill..thanks so much for your comment on my blog. I was so happy to see you and your Mrs. at the show! I hope you will complete your studio soon. I bet we will see some fabulous work come from that room! I recognized you last night from all your great self portraits!



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