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Glacier Concrete Tank


4″ x 8″ ink and watercolor

It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to do any artwork. The renovation project is nearing completion and I hope to be back at it on a regular basis within a week or two. Today I was able to do this sketch from the apartment of a friend who has a fantastic view of the Wilamette river.

I appreciate the encouragement I’ve received over the past couple of months, from comments and emails.

btw, I started another blogger blog as an experiment and have posted the occasional sketch there.

8 thoughts on “Glacier Concrete Tank”

  1. Thank God you are back. Whenever I have an uncontrollable hiatus from creativity… I start saying “Rog Has Risen!”. A friend taught me to do this years ago. I need to thank him… So can I say “BILL HAS RISEN!”?


  2. Good to hear the renovations are nearing the end. It is very demanding doing it yourself and juggling everything is the most testing part of it! Your concrete tank looks great; clean, crisp, like your sketches always do…could this be an inspiration from all that renovating?


  3. Bill- it’s great to see you back on your blog.
    Seems not to matter what medium you pick up- you handle them all with the same deftness and essence.

    Renovations are a sort of planned misery, and so worth it when they’re finished.
    I always liked the quote ” You have to break the egg to make an omelette”.
    So enjoy your breakfast.


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