4 thoughts on “Sauvie Island Tree”

  1. Bill…this is looking beautiful..and I am watching your wonderful urban plein air too!
    also…. you have been tagged!
    (see my blog for more info)

    The rules of being tagged are:
    1. Link to person who tagged you
    2. Mention the rules
    3. List 6 or 7 unusual things about yourself or quirky but boring, unspectacular details about yourself
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  2. Hi Bill, I like the tree a lot better in this one. I’m not sure which foreground I prefer though. I like the foreground in the pa cause the colors are a little richer.

    That bridge below is excellent. Both the oil and the water media one.

    Man, that tag is everywhere I look.
    Do a fake fact.


  3. Thanks, Celeste for thinking of me. I’ve just done my duty

    Frank, I’m not the best photographer and the photo of the new version doesn’t read right, especially for the foreground. Having said that, the dark area at the very bottom is a shadow cast by a tree out of the picture frame and I’m not sure it really reads as such.

    I’ve done my tag duty. See if you can find the lie.

    Hi Ronell. Thanks for your kind words.


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