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Andrew Wyeth 1917 – 2009



I was shocked to learn that Andrew Wyeth died this morning. I suppose I thought he would live forever and, of course he will through his work.

I grew up in Delaware not far from his Chadds Ford, PA farm. Although, as an art student in the 1970s, I thought of him as out of date and irrelevant, I’ve come to revere him as a master not only of technique but especially of composition.

My sister worked as a personal assistant to his son Jamie’s wife and has met Andrew. She described him as lovable but ornery.

He was an American National Treasure.


7 thoughts on “Andrew Wyeth 1917 – 2009”

  1. Hi Bill.
    So sorry to hear about your losses. My mother has been battling breast cancer for 3 years now. She has been seeing a naturopath doctor recently and there are some breakthough things happening considering diet. The medical profession doesn’t want to admit it but a macrobiotic diet seems helpful. Whole foods no carbs, basically nothing out of a box and preferably organic. I know these are hard times for you and your wife and maybe she has heard of these things but if not check into it. May all the passed rest in peace and I wish you and your wife the best. Brian


  2. Brian, Thanks for the information. My wife has seen a naturopath through most of the ten years since she was diagnosed and we stick pretty much to an organic diet. We’re very lucky to have good access to healthy food sources here in the Pacific NW.

    My best wishes for your mother.


  3. I have been looking at the Helga Pictures this last week. He left a lot of good work for the world to continue to enjoy.

    Sorry to hear about your loss. It is so tough when our parents leave. Wishing your wife great success in her battle.


  4. The world is small.

    For part of my life, I grew up in ChaddsFord. I’d canoe past the Wyeth Farm while fishing the brandywine. The River Museum was and continues to be a constant. I couldn’t count the times I have walked its galleries.


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