Abandoned Car


abandoned-car-29″ x 9″ oil on canvas

Bill Wray inspired burned out car along the side of the road.

Trying to get more paint on the canvas so I can paint into it rather than onto it. I’m always afraid of making the looseness too studied, too self conscious, too much about looseness.

As always the way through is to paint more. I need longer days.

7 thoughts on “Abandoned Car”

  1. I like this study Bill.

    Don’t paint “looseness” just for the sake of a look. Paint like you paint if it comes out looking loose (and good) or tight (and good) great. It is the “good” part that matters.


  2. Really well-structured composition! The car is at a nexus of the diagonals from the ground and horizon, but the cloud pulls up a box into the sky that echoes and softens the weight of the convergence on the car.

    Do you have a philosophical objection to revisiting a painting later? I can understand if you do, I was just wondering if it’s part of your theme.


  3. Hello Edgar. I the kind of person who usually composes from my gut and don’t analyze it until after the fact. It’s just as well, in my case, or I’d never get around to applying any paint.

    I’m not sure what you mean by revisiting a painting. If you mean reworking it, I don’t have a philosophical objection to it, I just find that I’ve moved on and don’t want to. In fact, if I don’t finish a painting pretty quickly, I lose interest in it and it stays unfinished.

    I’ve been looking forward to reading your latest posts, but I want to set aside some time to read them carefully.


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