9 thoughts on “View from Broadway Bridge”

  1. When I click on the image to make it bigger I can see that some of the clouds in the distance are painted with a light green. I think that’s beautiful. Very nice how the yellow line in the foreground takes the eye back to the shore. Spring is coming soon. Warm days ahead. So happy!


  2. This is a beautiful painting, Bill – I especially love the sky. I’m trying to teach myself oil painting right now – and often think of your wonderful work – which I appreciate even more now!


  3. Nice, cool moodiness you captured here and as you always do- got it with little fussing and bang on aim of the brush.

    Your color choices have always appealed to me, Bill. That mauve cloud in the lower distance- perfect!


  4. Thanks Silvina. It was a cold grey day thus the green in the sky. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I appreciate your critical eye.

    Hi Casey, Thanks. I’ve seen some of your oils and I was impressed. I think you’re a natural.

    Hi Bonnie, I appreciate your opinion.

    Hi Bill, I did this one from some sketches and photos. I’m too much of a baby to go outside to paint this time of year. Soon, I hope.


  5. Fantastic image, Bill. Always when I see your oilpaintings I feel compelled to try oils myself. For now time is lacking, but I will some day. Out of curiosity, do you spend much time to paint something like this?


  6. Hi Bill,
    your recent landscapes are very good. You have captured always a specific mood and didn´t fuss too much with details. That creates a rythmic feeling.
    Cheers from Vienna….Nue


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