15 thoughts on “medicine bottles with geranium macrorrhizum”

  1. Absolutely awesome!! I LOVE the composition, the variety of textures, and the fabulous leaf!


  2. Love this painting Bill! It has lovely darks and light lights, giving it depth and dimension and the colours give it beautiful drama and character. not at all a “lightweigt painting. Great work!


  3. Bill- this is one of my new favorites. It just snaps and pops and moves your eye like a Irish jig around the canvas. It’s so lively and the way you use color is bold and fresh.
    Your shadows and reflections are so well seen too.


  4. Hi Bill. Sorry for the delay in responding to comments. I’m busy worrying about my job. Thanks for checking in.


  5. Hi Bonnie. I’m glad you like it. I’ve got to get over to see what you’ve been doing on your blog.


  6. Hi Brian. This has become my painting blog. The other is primarily ink and watercolor sketches. Thanks for checking in.


  7. You deserve some kind of award for finding a way to incorporate so much vivid red in a painting. Reflections on a red surface? I’m unsure of what’s represented there, in the bottom section, red set off by the green fringe; looks wet, liquidy, throws the eye back into the reds throughout the painting.
    And I’m assuming that’s the geranium top right, kinda puts me in the mind of a palm tree, which suggests (to my admitedly overactive imagination) the medicine bottles are kinda like a group of people on vacation at the beach. A round-about way of saying, it’s a fun painting.



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