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Sauvie Island


Sauvie-Island-Marsh 8″ x 10″ oil on canvas


I spent 2 cold damp days painting on Sauvie Island last weekend with Eric Jacobsen. I’ve been fussing with this since I got it home and I’m going to stop now. There are some fundamental problems with it, like the fact that I cut it in half with the stream. The point was just to get out and get some PA practice and I accomplished that.

This one was painted on day one from a covered wildlife viewing stand. It rained off and on all weekend.

10 thoughts on “Sauvie Island”

  1. Maybe too self critical Bill. I didn’t see the bisection. I saw the sparkling reflected water beneath the half way point and went right to that wonderful pink-y foreground, balanced by the darker trees in the distance.
    So that’s my take on it.

    And it was outside in bad weather no less.

    Give yourself some kudos on this one.


  2. Really nice painting. Agree with JJ, you probably need a break from it to see it objectively As Bonnie said, the stream really doesn’t cause a break that reads as a bisection. It reflects and refers to the sky. Very nice painting, really.


  3. Full of atmosphere…almost lonely! And I love your palette colour. I don’t see the cut in half at all, it actually adds to the visual impact. Enjoyed it enough(rain and all) to go at plein air again? I ADORE painting on site, even if the painting turns out only good enough for the bin. It is such an uplifitng experience! come visit me in the mountains…we’ll go paint!


  4. Hi Bonnie and Kathy, Thanks for the encouragement. I did obfuscate the bisection to some extent but I’m still not particularly pleased with the painting. It’s an ok study but, if I was in a room where it was hung, I would not be drawn to it. I’m glad you both like it and I value your opinions.


  5. Hi Bill, you know how much fun it is to paint in less than ideal circumstances. I know from the stories of your adventures. Thanks for stopping by.


  6. Ronell, I’d love to join you in the mountains for a paint out. I find that I enjoy painting outside when I’m just painting outside. This was done while participating in a workshop and that’s not as much fun.


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