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From Sauvie Island Convenience Store



6″ x 8″ oil on panel

Sauvie Island is popular with bicyclists, fishermen, bird watchers, hunters and plein air painters.  The easiest place to meet up is the Cracker Barrel convenience store, which is a short distance from the bridge that is the only way on and off the island. I did this little sketch of the fields across the street from the parking lot, last Saturday while waiting to meet the group I was painting with.

Portland plein air painter Celeste Bergin showed up to meet another group of painters, which she wrote about on her blog.

A couple of things are different in this painting from the others I did during this weekend. One, I didn’t use any alizarin crimson, two, I did this by myself while waiting for my painting companions to arrive. I find that I’m able to get into a sort of meditative state of mind while painting alone that seems more conducive to what I need to enjoy the process.


4 thoughts on “From Sauvie Island Convenience Store”

  1. Hey Bill–It was great seeing you at Sauvie Island (in the cracker barrel parking lot) I like how you were set up in the back of your car. This is a beautiful little painting–you captured the peaceful and serene Sauvie Island expanse!


  2. Celeste, Thanks. I was quite comfy sitting under the hatchback. It was great to see you out there too.

    Hi Frank. Thanks for stopping by and for the kind words

    Hello Bill, thanks!


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